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It helps me see through limitations. It is my strength that defines who I am and helps me shape a multi-dimensional sphere.






It is a tool that helps me touch and explore so many people

and create new dimensions and new possibilities. Diversity is my key to everything.


My experience in China has taught me a lot about the benefit of being diverse. Yes, some were quite skeptical at first about the idea of creating my brand in China, but for me, it is much harder to find success if you limit yourself to only one region and focus to only one culture.

So, I explored China anyway and found out that it did not just grant me a big opportunity and success for my brand but it has also opened up so many unexpected doors that I have not discovered before. 


My journey has taught me to never limit myself and devote to only one thing in life. Go out, be diverse and do it with passion! Spread Jane Williams magic on your way!


My Moments (Videoclips ) are my life not on pictures. They are without filters that show a new real dimension of networking with other people.



They represent my journey, places I have been and those people who inspire me to keep this



As an entrepreneur and an inventor, I market my products and designs across trends depending on the specific market.


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